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Help us make a difference today.

Island Love Charities Inc.

Island Love Charities Inc. is a certified 501 (c) 3 committed to partnering with private funded orphanages throughout the Caribbean. We aim to raise awareness of the needs of the communities and the needs of the kids that reside in the orphanages. Island Love is dedicated to spreading love to our Caribbean community through the sales of our pins and accessories, 100% of the proceeds will be provided to the following organizations.

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Ranfurly Homes for Children

Ranfurly Homes for Children is a Bahamas based facility whose mission is to provide comprehensive child care services for displaced Bahamian children due to death, separation, abuse, abandonment, illness, or other unfortunate circumstances. The home only receives $106,000 in government grant funding each year. Hence, Island Love Foundation has partnered with the non-profit to help their doors able to stay open for these children in need.

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St John’s Bosco Boys Orphanage

St John’s Bosco Boys Orphanage is located in a village called Plaisance, in Guyana, South America. They provide a stable home environment for young boys – including supplying healthy well-balanced meals, provision of their own bed and personal space for each boy, assigning daily chores and responsibilities, facilitating recreational programs such as music programs, robotics club, swimming, special outings, movie nights, cricket, football, providing counseling on an individual basis, whilst incorporating adequate time and space for free play, exercise and rest. At SJB, they provide a safe haven for our boys, where we meet all their needs and support their development holistically. And we at Island Love Cakes want to be a part of this story.



 With every Island Love pin purchase, proceeds go directly to the organizations indicated above. we thank you in advance for our non-profit work, but more importantly helping the needy children of the Caribbean.

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