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Island Love Cakes started with a Guyanese family recipe - a dessert treat that was usually shared during the holiday season. Imagine standing in a kitchen hearing the clanking with pots and pans and the sweet smell of nutmeg, cinnamon and rum swirling through the house! It was a treat that was shared as a token of love with friends and family. Through experimenting with the coveted family recipe, we established Island Love Cakes to share our signature rum and cognac cakes with the world.

Adding premium spirits to our tasty cakes is our specialty, we bring the best of both worlds - spirits and cakes in one! Whether your favorite spirit is a smooth cognac or an aromatic rum - we make each cake from scratch using quality ingredients then soak each with liquid love. 

We specialize in using top quality spirits such as Hennessy Pure White, Hennessy Very Special, Malibu Coconut Rum and El Dorado 5 Year Aged Rum for our cakes.

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Island Love Charities Inc.

 As we continue to spread Island Love one bite at a time, we also care deeply for the children of the Caribbean. Island Love is about giving back. Through our foundation, we've partnered with orphanages throughout the Caribbean to gift proceeds from selling our custom pins. 100% of these sales will benefit the children of the Caribbean who call these orphanages home.

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